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Books and Study Guides
When getting certified, you will need at least 1 (probably 2 or more) books to help you prepare. New certification books are not cheap and can really add up, especially if the certification you are working on consists of multiple exams. On this page, we are going to give you a couple of tips that will help you save money on your certification books/study guides.

Free Books
How about getting your certification books for free? All you have to do is go to the library and check them out. Not all libraries are created equal so you may have to visit or call a larger one to find what you are looking for. If the public libraries do not have what you are looking for, check your local college libraries. After a book is published, it may take a little while to surface in the library and you may need to wait a while. In any event, this can be a great way to save yourself a lot of money.

Used Books
The most obvious way to save money when purchasing books is to buy them used instead of new. There are several good places online where you can do this. Two very good options are and

New Books
For new books, you may want to subscribe to book publishers' newsletters where they sometimes offer specials and discounts on their books.

If you are preparing for a certification that consists of multiple exams, you should look into getting a boxed set. For example, Microsoft Press makes a boxed set covering the 4 core exams for their certifications. These boxed sets are substantially cheaper than buying the books individually.

To shop for available certification books and read reviews, visit the MC MCSE Training Directory.

Study Guides
In addition to books, there are many study guides, tutorials and whitepapers freely available on the internet that make great supplemental material. First, you should check the certification vendor's web site. Microsoft and Cisco are 2 examples of companies that offer extensive online documentation and tutorials.

Next, check out our collection of free study guides in the MC MCSE Study Center and our database of thousands of free online tutorials at

It may sound a little strange, but if you are preparing for Microsoft certifications, the Windows help files which are accessible from the Windows Start Menu make excellent supplemental study material. For Linux and Unix certifications, similar documentation can be found in the MAN files.

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