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CompTIA Certifications
These vendor neutral certifications are more entry-level than many others. While they are not necessarily easy, they are considerably less difficult than Microsoft or Cisco options. The most popular CompTIA certifications are outlined below.

Editor's Notes:
CompTIA recently made a very unpopular decision to make their once lifetime certifications only valid for 3 years.

The table below outlines the various certifications available from CompTIA.

Certification Link Description
A+ Official Site The A+ certification consists of 2 exams which test candidates on basic hardware and software technologies. This certification is geared toward hardware technicians and those who work at a helpdesk, but is a good starting point for anyone.
Network+ Official Site Network+ is ideal for those who wish to pursue a career in network support and administration. It is an excellent step to take before attempting Cisco's CCNA certification. There is only 1 exam to achieve this certification.
Server+ Official Site Server+ is for those who implement and maintain computer servers. It focuses on hardware, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery. There is only 1 exam to achieve this certification.
Security+ Official Site Security+ has become a popular certification during the last decade. It focuses on communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack and operational and organization security. There is only 1 exam to achieve this certification.
Linux+ Official Site Linux+ is for those who install, operate, and maintain Linux systems. Recently, CompTIA has joined forces with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and is using their exams. If specified in advance, a candidate who passes the 2 required exams earn the Linux+ AND LPIC 1 (from LPI) certifications.

Official Resources:
CompTIA has several other less popular certifications that can be found at:
CompTIA Certifications